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About Vaughan

Vaughan Investigations is a private company based in Calgary, Alberta. Vaughan Investigations is licensed accordingly through the Alberta Solicitor General, British Columbia Ministry of Justice, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice. Vaughan Investigations prides itself on hiring, training, and developing quality employees who are honest, effective and professional.

Vaughan Investigations offers well over two decades worth of Loss Prevention, employee investigation, and surveillance experience and expertise. Vaughan Investigations deals with thousands of offenders annually. Vaughan Investigations has successfully identified and processed thousands of dishonest employees through surveillance, interview and investigative methods.

Vaughan Investigations possesses an extraordinary success rate and has developed and cultivated best practices which have progressively matured through years of exposure to retail and corporate crime and the sheer volume of cases.

Our investigators are critical thinkers and strategic problem solvers who have the expertise to provide direction to clients when requested. Vaughan is able to assist clients in forming effective and efficient solutions through an array of investigation and surveillance services.

Vaughan has implemented many tools to ensure effective communication, leadership, organization, and possess the ability to deliver a comprehensive, well structured investigation package.

Vaughan Investigations possesses the experience to effectively investigate internal acts of dishonesty, analyze evidence, conduct investigative interviews, successfully interrogate suspects (obtaining an omission of guilt in support of employee dismissal), and provide a detailed all-encompassing report package.

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The owner of Vaughan Investigations has been deeply engrossed within the industry for two decades and possesses hands-on experience in all facets of the investigative services offered by Vaughan Investigations.

All investigations are initially reviewed by the owner of Vaughan before proceeding in order to ensure that the best course of action is being taken. The owner plays an active role in overseeing all operations and investigations to ensure the most effective solutions and best practices.

Vaughan respects the individual needs of clients, adheres to strict policies and procedures, and safeguards confidential and proprietary information.