Covert CCTV - Temporary Camera Placement

Covert CCTV Image

Vaughan Investigations Inc. rents out high-tech covert CCTV equipment in order to capture video evidence needed in identifying employees committing criminal or dishonest acts.

  • Vaughan Investigations will install advanced pin hole cameras hidden in an array of unobtrusive designs, custom housings, or directly into a pre-existing object within the environment making them virtually undetectable.
  • Vaughan Investigations delivers prompt installation, recognizing that time is crucial in such matters.
  • Vaughan Investigations takes pride in perfection and therefore assesses each application individually to ensure a successful result.
  • Vaughan Investigations has been extremely effective in delivering clear, superior quality segments of prosecution grade incriminating video imagery.

Vaughan Investigations is responsible for the entire investigative process from start to finish, or as the client requires (including the investigation, covert system installation/removal, video review, suspect interviewing, suspect intervention, working with police members if criminal charges are to be laid, and providing a Crown Prosecutor grade report package).