Employee Dishonesty Investigations

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Vaughan Investigations Inc. specializes in Employee Dishonesty cases - investigating internal acts of theft, fraud and other criminal or dishonest activity within the workplace.

With respect to internal investigations involving acts of employee dishonesty (criminal or policy infractions) Vaughan Investigations will recommend the best course of action, whether it be surveillance to obtain information/evidence, surveillance resulting in apprehension following a criminal offence, covert (hidden) camera placement in order to determine who is responsible for the act, or investigation and investigative suspect interviews, followed by interrogations of the deceptive suspects with a view to obtaining an admission of guilt in adequate support of employee dismissal. Vaughan Investigations has the tools, tenure in the investigative industry and a wealth of experience to efficiently and effectively investigate matters of employee dishonesty.

Vaughan Investigations has an exponential success rate in identifying and resolving internal acts of dishonesty.

Vaughan understands the associated legalities/liabilities and adheres to strict policy and procedures when dealing with suspect employees, including the challenges of working within the confines of a collective agreement/union environment.

    Vaughan Investigations offers extensive experience in:

  • Employee dishonesty investigations
  • External fraud and theft investigations
  • Suspect surveillance
  • Investigative Interviews and Interrogation
  • Evidence collection
  • Report package composition
  • Court appearance/prosecution witness testimony

Vaughan Investigations possesses the experience to advise clients on the merits and potiential disadvantages of pursuing a criminal prosecution. Frequently, owners/managers are highly motivated to proceed with criminal charges; however this is not always the most prudent course of action. Criminal prosecutions can often be a protracted and ultimately an unsatisfying process, and the level of evidential proof that is required must meet a higher standard than that required in purely civil proceedings (including the adequate support of employee termination). Ultimately, this decision rests with the client and Vaughan Investigations can provide input that results in a fully informed decision.