Retail Theft / Shoplifting Prevention

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Vaughan Investigations delivers a superior level of expertise, experience, and knowledge in the detection, apprehension, detention, and investigation of Retail Shoplifters. Vaughan investigators are highly skilled and handle thousands of cases per annum.

Vaughan Investigations is well versed in the procedures for making lawful apprehensions and respects the associated limitations and liabilities. Investigators are extensively trained professionals and possess excellent observation, communication, remediation, and report compilation skills.

Vaughan Investigations possesses the appropriate licensing credentials, bonds and liability insurance relative to Loss Prevention.

Vaughan Investigations has an advanced skill set due to dealing with tens of thousands of shoplifter matters while being engrossed within the Loss Prevention industry for well over twenty years.

Vaughan Investigations has developed policies and best practices in support of a superior Loss Prevention program encompassing solid business ethics, effectiveness, and professionalism.